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Gap year programs in China

Why it’s Worth Considering Gap Year Programs in China

After college ends, many recent graduates don’t want to immediately enter the work force, due to the fact that aren’t ready to start working all the time, or they still don’t know what they want to do for work in general. So many opt to take what is known as a gap year, where they work random jobs to get a sense of what their future will hold.


One great option to consider are gap year programs in China. Not only is it a fascinating country that is rich in history, amazing food and culture, but it also is an economic juggernaut that holds plenty of future business opportunity for English speakers. By going to China for a year and living au pair with a Chinese family while exploring new horizons in this new land, a whole future path a graduate once never knew existed may open up. At the very least it will be an excellent adventure.

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