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Wanderlust Exchange

Traveling to China Through Wanderlust Exchange

While there are a number of au pair agencies that send students and young professionals to live in China, one of the most reputable is Wanderlust Exchange. Based in China, Wanderlust knows the country and the culture as well as any other agency and can properly pair accepted applicants with good families in good places where they will not only have a great experience immersed in Chinese culture, but also help those locals around them through volunteer work and English teaching.


They have three different programs they feature. One is the au pair in China program, where applicants live with a family and teach English while exploring the surrounding culture. The other entails volunteering at a local orphanage, taking care of children who need the most care. Being an intern as a tennis coach is also offered, allowing talented English speaking athletes to teach tennis to kids in China.


If you’re going to China through one of these exchange programs, Wanderlust should be one of the first places you look.

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