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Au Pair in China experience

What is an Au Pair in China Experience Like?

Once you have been admitted into one of these programs, there are a few things you can expect from the au pair in China experience—however, the majority is what you make of it.


First, you will be expected to teach 30 hours of English or provide 30 hours of childcare per week to your host family or to someone in the place you are living. For this you will not only receive a place to stay, but also 1500 RMB of pocket money per month, a 3000 to 12000 RMB flight stipend depending on how long you stay in the program, 3 hours of Mandarin classes per week, or 12 hours per month and one and a half days off each week to explore. You will also have access to international medical insurance in case you are injured or get sick and will also have your visa fees returned to you once you complete the program.

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