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Frequent Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. What are the requirements to be an Wanderlust Au Pair China au pair?
A. There are several requirements au pair candidates must meet before applying:

  • Between 18-28 years old

  • Have completed secondary school education

  • Be proficient in English

  • Have no criminal record

  • Tolerant of cultural differences

  • Be willing to teach English

Q. What qualities are considered to be very important as an au pair in China?

  • I have a genuine love for children, I enjoy spending time with them.

  • I’m open to culture differences, I understand that in a complete different culture, my comfortable zone will be constantly broadened.

  • I would like to proactively help the host children to learn English and prepare some activities.


Q. How do I apply to be an au pair?
A. Fill out the online application request form. Once you have submitted this form, a representative will provide you with a full application form and get you started in the process.

Q. How long does the matching process take?

A. Usually it takes 4-12 weeks for the matching process depending on the candidate's qualifications.


Q. How long is the Wanderlust Au Pair China program?
A. The program lasts for 3-12 months. If both you and your host family want to continue your placement, an extension option is available.


Q. How long will I be able to stay in China after I complete my time with my host family?
A. Once you successfully complete your time with your host family, you have to leave China. However,  you can use your days off or paid holiday to travel around China.; however, you are not permitted to work.

Life as an Au Pair

Q. What will my responsibilities be as an au pair?
A. You'll be required to provide up to 30 hours per week of child care and English tutoring. Part of your duties might include teaching the kids English, getting the children ready for school and engage in other host family activities. Because you'll be living as an extended member of the host family, you should also be sure to clean up after yourself and care for your living space.​

Q. How much will I be paid?
A. Currently au pairs must receive a monthly pocket money of at least 1500 RMB+1000 RMB as ticket stipend( An aupair will get 12000 RMB as ticket stipend maximum).

  The follwing is also covered by your host family:

  • Three meals a day

  • Accomodation

  • Three hours of Mandarin classes each week

  • Accident insurance

  • Orientation course

  • Visa application fee& renewal fee

  • Program fee

Q. Do au pairs clean the house or do other domestic duties?
A. No. Au pairs are treated as an extended member of the host family. Your duties as an au pair will all relate to taking care of the children. These responsibilities may include picking up after the children, preparing some meals, doing the children's laundry and performing certain regular chores. However, you will not be expected to clean the entire house, do the family laundry or to regularly prepare meals for the entire family.


Q. Will I be able to take Mandarin classes?
A. Yes. All au pairs will have three hours of Mandarin classes each week.


Q. Do I need to be able to drive a car?
A. No. Most families in China do not requiire an au pair to drive in China considering the traffic rules and driving habits can be distinctive. 


Q. Will I have my own bedroom?
A. Yes.


Q. Will I be able to travel?
A. Yes. Au pairs may travel freely within China during your days off or paid holidays. Or sometimes travel together with your host family.

Costs & Fees

Q. Will I have to pay any program fees?
A. To participate in the au pair program, you don't need to pay a Program Fee as the fee is all covered by the host family.


Q. Will I have to purchase accident insurance while I'm in China?
A. Wanderlust Cultural Exchange will provide you with accidental injury insurance for the duration of your au pair program dates at no additional cost to you.

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