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Mandarin immersion WINTER camp


As China opens its borders for tourists, we extend a warm welcome to youths from all over the world who are passionate about delving into the intricacies of the Chinese language and culture, granting a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and exploration. We hold winter camp in 2024 to immerse international youths in both Chinese language and cultural activities for the duration of 2 weeks. This two-week adventure begins in the vibrant metropolis of Beijing and on to the old traditional sites around Beijing. This camping experience will be fun and rewarding with similar peers and our local professionals.

Throughout the two weeks, you will be exposed to tailored mandarin classes and a plethora of cultural activities. The mandarin courses will cover fundamental language elements as well as practical theme enhancements. This allows for a more immersive and effective language learning experience, empowering participants to confidently communicate and connect with locals as they explore.


The cultural activities also bring international youths to a new understanding of China. From the elegance of calligraphy to the intricacies of traditional crafts like paper cutting and pottery, you will not only observe but actively engage in these age-old practices. City walks through Beijing iconic landmarks and historic sites will provide a firsthand look at the fusion of tradition and modernity. Furthermore, immersive experiences such as Chinese tea art, silk culture sessions, and hands-on activities like dumpling making and face painting will deepen your connection with China's cultural tapestry. 



We welcome youths with diversified backgrounds to join us. Though participants need to be 18+ years old for this camp. 

Group Size: 10-15 individuals per group

Program Duration: 2 weeks, arriving and departing on Sundays.

Program Date: December 1st, 2024

Program Location: Beijing 

Program Schedule: Start on Sunday, and a distribution of a two-week schedule 

Program Price: 3,288 USD/person; Discount - 3,088 USD/person (two people register together); 2,988 USD/person (three people register together)

First Week:

Morning (3 hours): Chinese language course, basic introduction

Afternoon (3.5 hours): Traditional cultural activities and strolls around the city 

Evening (6 hours): Free time or social activities 

Weekend 1: City tours.

Weekend 2: Free days of traveling 


Note: Multiple Citywalk routes available, chosen based on weather conditions

Cultural Activities Preview 

  • Historical and Cultural Tours

  • Traditional Crafts Workshops (paper cutting, Chinese knotting, pottery / ceramics, calligraphy, ink painting, etc)

  • Traditional Han Costume Experience (Hanfu)

  • Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony

  • Taiji (The Great Ultimate)

  • Peking Opera 

  • Cooking Classes (Chinese cuisine such as dumplings)

  • Cultural Discussion Forums

The activities for each camp will be confirmed upon / shortly before arrival. 

Visa information

​Visa Exemptions:

  • From December 2023 to the end of 2024, citizens from France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Malaysia are exempted from obtaining a visa to enter China. With ordinary passports, citizens from these 6 countries can stay in China for up to 15 days without a visa.

  • Citizens from Armenia, Belarus and some other countries are also exempted from the visa requirement. Please check the latest updates to confirm eligibility.

Visa Application for Other Countries:

  • For candidates from countries not covered by the aforementioned exemptions, it is necessary to check with your local embassies or consulates for detailed visa requirements and procedures.

  • We recommend applying for a tourist visa, specifically designed for at least a 2-week stay. This visa category aligns with the duration of our summer camp.

Important Note:

  • The responsibility for obtaining the appropriate visa lies with the individual participant.

  • Please ensure that you initiate the visa application process well in advance to allow for any unforeseen delays.


what's included 

  • Airport pickup

  • Chinese language courses and textbooks

  • Cultural activities 

  • City tours & city walks 

  • Accommodations and meals

  • Medical Insurance during the program

  • Program certificate and souvenirs

what's not included?

  • International flight costs (WE can assist with booking)

  • Personal expenses

not included
how apply
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