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Au Pair in china

$100 deposit required to hold program spot once applicant has been approved for program


Increasingly more students and young professionals are interested in making China as their next step for cultural exploration. Whether seeking a gap year program, internship abroad, or new travel location, they are attracted by China's rich history and fascinating culture. As a Wanderlust Au Pair in China, you will have the paralleled opportunity to experience the Chinese culture firsthand while indulging your desire to travel the world. 


Wanderlust Exchange helps match culture-hungry young adults to individual Chinese families looking to host an Au Pair for 3, 6, and 12-month periods -- Au Pairing over a 2-month summer break is also possible! Many Chinese families are interested in hosting native or fluent English speakers in their homes to support their child's language development and provide an opportunity to promote cultural diversity and understanding.


Being an Au Pair in China is an immense opportunity to grow as a global citizen by experiencing a new culture, pushing your comfort zone, and cultivating the necessary tools to bridge cultural divides now and in the future.


By providing a high-level of program support to program participants before and during their Au Pair experience, Wanderlust Exchange offers a program that is ideal for seasoned and first-time travelers to Asia who may experience some anxiousness around culture differences.

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Au Pair in China

Tutoring &Childcare

As an Au Pair, you will spend a great majority of your time teaching English to your host family's children, while also providing childcare support. Au Pairs should have a  caring spirit and a true interest in child development.

Au Pair in Shanghai



As an Au Pair, you will be welcomed into your host family's home and encouraged to participate in their culture and share your own. Your host family is more than just your employer, they will serve as your extended family while you reside in China.

Au Pair in China Visa



Au Pairs in China have the opportunity to discover a new culture through first hand experiences and daily cultural encounters. As an Au Pair, you will learn to better understand the nuances of your own cultural experience and how that may differ from that of others, ultimately helping you gain a broader perspective on the world.

Teach in China


language learning

As an Au Pair in China, you have the option to receive 8-15 hours of Mandarin Classes each week to improve your ability to understand and converse in the most widely spoken language in the world. (Offline classes available in Beijing and Shanghai & Online classes available in other cities)

Volunteer in China

Traveling & Volunteering

Wanderlust Exchange prides itself on offering volunteer opportunities in addition its Au Pair program. During their stay in China, Au Pairs have the opportunity to travel to other cities during paid holidays to explore and volunteer.

program details

Locations of host families:

Host families are primarily located in Shanghai, with additional host families in other major cities, including: Beijing, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou and Ningbo

Program time span:

3 months-12 months, summer programs also available

You Give: 

  • 30 hours of childcare and English tutoring per week

You Receive: 

  • 2000 RMB pocket money/month (provided monthly)

  • 3000-12000 RMB flight stipend depending on the length of stay (provided upon the completion of each program)

  • 8-15 hours of Mandarin classes/week

  • 1.5 days off each week

  • International medical insurance ( Dr. Walter; covered & arranged by WE) 

  • Visa application & renewal fee reimbursement (provided upon Au Pair's completion of the program)

You Pay: 0$ application fee + $100 USD deposit (the down payment is only required once applicant is approved for program and will be completely refunded to au pairs upon the completion of the program) 

You are eligible to apply for the Wanderlust Exchange Au Pair Program if:

  • You have completed secondary school (high school)

  • You are a native speaker or proficient in English

  • You have no criminal record

  • You are open to cultural differences and exploration

  • You have the ability to teach English

  • You are 18-30 years old

Au Pair Responsibilities

English tutoring is considered to be the number one reason most Chinese host families would like to have an au pair at home. Your main responsibilities are being an English tutor and an elder sister, rather than a housekeeper since most host families have one at home. You will have opportunity to experience authentic Chinese culture by engaging the family activities as well.

Teach in China



  • Deliver planned English lessons on a daily basis to the host kids

  • Help the kids to learn a second foreign language (optional)

  •  Carry out fun activities with the kids to help them learn English (eg. story reading, English songs, role play and games)

  • Help the kids with their English homework

Teach in China

Take care of

the host kid & engage

in family activities 

  • waking up the children

  • taking/picking up children to/from school

  • playing games with the children

  • taking the children on outings to parks, playgroups and other activities

  • Go shopping with host family

  • Go travelling with host family

  • Engage in other family activities

Teach in China

Share some

light house work

(usually not required by host families)

  • preparing light meals for children and clean up after the meals

  • doing the children’s laundry and ironing their clothes

  • making the children’s beds

  • tidying up the children's toys

  • cleaning the children's room

  • cleaning of au pair’s own room

  • Help with cooking occassionally

Schedule as an Au Pair

As you can imagine, each host family's daily schedule has the potential to be a bit different. Therefore an Au Pair's daily schedule is often determined by the age of the children in the household and based on the individual needs of your host family.


As an Au Pair, your responsibilities will be focused on practicing and tutoring your host children in English. You will not be expected to do much housework as an Au Pair.


If the host family's children are enrolled in school, then your schedule will be based on providing support before and after the school day. If you're caring for infants or younger children, then your schedule will likely be more fixed during the middle of the day. 


Not one day will be the same if you pursue an Au Pair position in China - you will have the chance to care for children while also living in an amazing country with a myriad of opportunities to travel and explore. 

A Day in the Life of An Au Pair Might Include

Accompanying your host child(ren) on their ride to school with the family's driver and reading them stories along the way

Planning English lessons and tutoring your child(ren) in English (e.g. reading, phonics, vocabulary, etc.)

Accompanying the family's driver to pick up the host child(ren) from school and playing vocabulary game on the way home

Playing games with the host child(ren), singing, dancing, reading stories

Helping the host child(ren) with English homework

Joining family activities, and sharing your own culture with the host family

A Typical Week in the Life of An Au Pair Might Look Like

What might a typical week look like?

截屏2023-09-06 16.27.22.png

Additional Information:

1. You will work no longer than 30 hours per week

2. You will work no more than 7 hours per day

3. You will have 1.5 days off each week, possibly not on weekends

4. Host families often set a curfew for Au Pairs during the week

5. The host family's schedule may change from time to time, so being flexible is important

Program Cost

1. Is there a program fee for Wanderlust Exchange's Au Pair in China Program?
Au Pairs do not pay any program fees to participate in the Au Pair in China Program. However, Wanderlust Exchange does require a deposit of $100 USD to hold your position as an au pair once you have been accepted into the program and matched with a host family.

2. When do applicants pay the $100 USD deposit? What does the deposit cover?
The deposit should be paid after you have been accepted into the program and matched with a host family, it is at this time we will add you to our approved applicant pool to be matched with a host family. Although we require this deposit, the entire $100 USD will be successfully completely returned to the au pair upon their completion of the program. The deposit is to ensure that each au pair is committed to their participation in the program since host families must pay several costs up front in order for you to be approved for the appropriate visa.

3. Do I book my own flight to China?
Yes, you will be responsible for booking your flight to China. However, a flight stipend will be offered upon one's completion of the program.

4. Do au pairs have to pay for additional transportation to the host family's city if the city doesn't have an airport?
No, WE covers the transportation expenses from the nearest city with an airport to the host family's city.

5. Do au pairs apply and pay their Chinese Visa or does Wanderlust Exchange?
Yes, au pairs will need to complete the Chinese Visa application and submit the visa fee themselves. However, Wanderlust Exchange will support you through the application process and provide you with the necessary documents. Additionally, upon your completion of the program, you will be reimbursed for your visa fee.

6. When do au pairs receive pocket money from host family each month?
Generally, Au pairs will receive their first installment of pocket money after the completion of their first month with the family. After you have completed your first month, your pocket money will typically be given to you at the start of each month.

7. How much money should au pairs plan to budget for their first month in China?
For basic living expenses, 1500-2500 RMB should be enough for their first month China

8. How much money will au pairs receive as flight stipend? When do au pairs receive their flight stipend?
Au pairs will receive 3000 to 12000 RMB as a flight stipend depending on their length of stay. The flight stipend will be offered upon the au pair's successful completion of the program.

9. What expenses/costs do au pairs have before they arrive in China?
* Deposit of $100 USD
* Visa fee (dependent on country of origin)
* Airplane ticket to China

* Fee for having your doctor complete a medical history form (fee dependent on your doctor)
* Fee for obtaining a background check or criminal record check (fee dependent on your country/state of residence)

Au Pair in China Program MATCHING Process


Additional Application Process Information :
1. Before filling out the complete application, prospective au pairs will need to submit a preliminary application form, click here. Once the preliminary application has been submitted, Wanderlust Exchange will provide you with the complete application for you to fill out.

2. Prior to submitting the complete application, prospective au pairs have the opportunity and are encouraged to schedule a interview session with a Wanderlust Exchange representative to learn more about the program and ask questions.

3. Supporting documents are requested once an applicant has been matched with a host family and should be submitted prior to applying for a visa. These documents include: 
* Copy of your passport
* Medical form completed by your doctor (Wanderlust Exchange will provide you with the form for completion)
* Police/Background check
* Copy of your education diploma

4. After an interview with one of our program managers
, Wanderlust Exchange will inform you whether you have been accepted into the program and will be placed in the pool of applicants to be matched with a host family.

5. Wanderlust Exchange will assist with translation during your family interview if needed.

6. Wanderlust Exchange will provide au pairs with the necessary documentation (invitation letters) to complete your visa application and assist you throughout the application process.

7. Au pairs will be responsible for booking air travel and paying for the Chinese visa fee. However, au pairs who successfully complete the program will receive a flight stipend and reimbursement for their visa application fee.

About Wanderlust Exchange Host Families

Wanderlust Exchange has high standards for our au pair acceptance process and our process for selecting host families is just as thoughtful and rigorous. We have each host family complete an application process before they are able to match with one of our au pair candidates.
Potential host families search for au pairs by the specific qualifications they need for their family. Once an au pair is chosen by a host family for an interview, the au pair can see the host family's profile, including photos and a letter to the prospective au pair. A match is never complete unless both the au pair and host family agree to the schedule and other details discussed in the interview. ​

Where do Wanderlust Exchange host families live?
The majority of our host families live in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Guangzhou and other big cities either downtown or in suburban areas surrounding the downtown. Most Chinese families live in apartments and have 1-3 kids. No matter where your host family lives, you can be sure that it's a comfortable home where you will have your own room. 

Living with a host family will give you a first-hand experience of daily life within an exceptional Chinese family and home, while also creating an opportunity for you to share your country's culture as well.

Host Families Responsibilities
Our host families are committed to being more than just an employer to their au pairs. Host families become their au pair’s extended family in China and are their au pair's most important connection while in country. Many host families form a strong bond with their au pair and establish relationships that often last longer than their time in the program.

Chinese Host Families:
* Welcome their au pair as an extended member of the family
* Include their au pair in most family meals, outings, and celebrations
* Provide a private room for their au pair
* Provide regular meals for their au pair
* At least one family member speaks reasonable English
* Pay their au pair a monthly stipend of 2000 RMB
* Pay for their au pair's Mandarin Classes (8-15 hours/week) 
Offline classes available in Beijing and Shanghai & Online classes available in other cities
* Pay for their au pair's visa application & renewal fee
* Pay for their au pair's air travel stipend fee 
* Pay for their au pair's medical/accident insurance
* Pay for their au pair's orientation upon her/his arrival to China
* Guarantee that their au pair will work no more than 30 hours/week and no more than 7 hours/day
* Are required to give their au pair 1.5 days off /week, give au pair 3 days  off as paid holiday if an au pair stays for a 3-months stay, 4 days for 4-month stay and so on.
* Guarantee their au pair will not do heavy housework or tasks unrelated to the host family's children

visa Application faqs

In order to become an au pair in China, applicants will need to apply for an official Chinese visa. Wanderlust Exchange will provide applicants with the necessary supporting documents to successfully apply for a Chinese visa as well as assist the applicant throughout the visa application process.

Q: What kind of visa will I be applying to become an au pair in China?
A: Au Pairs will apply for and arrive in China with either an Exchange Visa (F/L Visa) or Student Visa ( X2 Visa), which will allow them to participate in the program for a six month period. If the au pair is interested in participating in the program for 12 months, then he/she must apply for an X1 Visa. An alternative to applying for an X1 Visa is to renew either the F or L or X2 Visa for another six months after the first six month stay in China.

Q: Will Wanderlust assist me with the visa application process?
A: Wanderlust Exchange cannot apply for the visa on your behalf. However, we will provide you with necessary documentation, often an invitation letter or admission letter, to apply for the visa to China.

Q: How long does the visa application process take?
A: Normally it takes 4-7 working days starting from the date of submission (not including shipment time) to obtain your Chinese visa.

Q: Am I able to apply for a visa to China if I'm not currently in my home country?
A: If you are able to provide legal residency (such as work visa, student visa, tourist visa) for the foreign country you currently reside in, you may apply for the Chinese visa in the Chinese embassy of that nation.

Q: Do I have to pay for the visa fee myself?
A: Yes, when you apply for the visa, you will have to pay for the visa fee. However, the visa fee will be reimbursed upon your completion of the au pair program.

Q: Will I be able to travel abroad or travel back to my home country during my stay in China?
A: It depends on what type of visa you apply for and how many entries you are granted by the Chinese visa office. You will most likely receive a single entry visa to China, therefore, if you travel abroad during your stay in China, your visa will no longer be valid, thus you would have to reapply for a new Chinese visa.

Q: Where can I see more information about applying for a visa to China?
A: Below you may use the following links to find the embassy of China in your home country, we have included links to nations from which we commonly have applicants. 

Support from Wanderlust Exchange

Wanderlust Exchange prides itself on offering exceptional support before and during an au pair's stay in China. We know that au pairs come to China with a sincere desire to explore the country's culture and to nurture and care for their host children.  We love acting as the cultural ambassador who helps you adjust to your life as an au pair in China and will do all that we can to make it an amazing experience for you.

We support our au pairs by providing the following:

  Pre-departure Support

  • Screen host families

  • Help schedule skype interviews between prospective au pairs and host families

  • Support au pair with visa application process

  • Help au pair prepare necessary contract documents

  • Provide au pair with pre-departure guide

  • Answer au pair’s questions before departure

  • Pre-departure guide

Arrival Support

  • Airport pick-up

  • Welcome package and orientation

  • China Mobile SIM card (help with registration)

  • Orientation Topics:

  • Cultural differences and adjusting to China and life with a Chinese family

  • Au Pair in China Program information and policies

  • Shanghai City Tour

  • Transportation support to your host family

In Country Support

  • 24/7 emergency helpline

  • Insurance booking

  • Mandarin classes booking

  • Weekly follow up and coordination

  • Monthly cultural activities 

  • Certificate of Completion will be offered to au pairs upon their completion of the program

  • Reference letters will be offered to au pairs who have obtained very positive feedback from host familie

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