As part of our mission, Wanderlust Exchange is keen to make intercultural exchange program accessible to as many youngsters as possible. 

Scholarship is available for all Wanderlust Exchange programs. If you are eligible to receive scholarship, you’ll need to be enrolled at an accredited institution in order to access the funds using one of three options: 

1. Through our partnership with Mandarin training schools
2. Through our accredited TEFL partner schools

3. Students/alumni of world top 200 universities listed on QS

Wanderlust has compiled a few resources to help guide you through the scholarship application process. Below you’ll find information on accessing financial aid, scholarships, and a few other sources of funding.

We know the financial aid process can often feel overwhelming, so please feel free to call our office if you need assistance.

SCHOLARSHIP of Mandarin Course

For Au Pair in China participants who have studied Mandarin at universities, institutions, training schools, we offer scholarship upon their completion of the program depending on the length of stay. The scholarship goes towards their Mandarin course tuition, and it can reach up to 1000 USD. 

The amount of scholarship vary depending each program as well as on the length of the program.

If you would like to know more about the scholarship program, please contact us for more details.


Here are some of our accredited partner Mandarin schools:

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For Au Pair in China participants who have obtained TEFL/TESOL certificate at recognized institutions, we offer scholarship upon their completion of the program depending on the length of stay. The scholarship goes towards their

TEFL/TESOL course tuition, and it can reach up to 1300 USD.

If you would like to know more about the scholarship program, please contact us for more details. 

Here are some of our accredited TEFL schools:

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TEFL Academy Icon.png
  • International TEFL Academy offers award winning, internationally accredited TEFL Certification training as well as lifetime job guidance for teaching English abroad.  ITA has over 25,000 alumni in it's growing global community.  Their graduates have taught professionally in 80+ countries worldwide and online.   

  • Special offer for Wanderlust students: with the promotion code Wanderlust Exchange, you may receive a course voucher worth of 100 USD when you enroll into an ITA course.

  • Since 1993 International TEFL and TESOL Training has been the market leader in providing the highest quality TEFL training available. With thousands of graduates each year and our variety of available online, combined and in-class courses, we continue to develop and grow to maintain our position as one of the most highly regarded providers of TEFL training.

  • BridgeTEFL is brought to you by Bridge Education Group, a leader in English Language Teaching with 30 years of experience training students and teachers worldwide. We began by training teachers in state-of-the-art techniques and methodologies for our own language centers in the USA, Argentina, and Chile. Now, more than three decades later, Bridge Education Group offers premier teacher certification programs designed to support and advance the careers of ELT professionals around the world.

  • Sign up for Bridge TEFL course with a discounted rate for WE students: click here

  • By combining high-quality instruction, full accreditation and practical skill-building techniques with dozens of real-life classroom and instructional videos, TEFLPros brings real value to an online education. They actually prepare you to teach high quality lessons and adapt those lessons to whatever situation you’re teaching in. For 2019, out of hundreds of courses, TEFLPros was ranked number one for support and number two for both instruction and job assistance by GoOverseas and ranked as a top 5 course by Best College Reviews

  • Special offer for Wanderlust students: Use the coupon code ‘wanderlust’ at registration and get a 15% discount.

  • The TEFL Academy is the world’s only TEFL course provider that has received official recognition from government regulated awarding bodies both in the US and UK. They are approved by the DEAC as U.S Department of Education National Accreditor. The course is internationally recognised, regulated by Ofqual, a UK government department and awarded by Qualifi, a UK government recognised awarding body. 

SCHOLARSHIP of students of world top 200 universities

For Au Pair in China participants who are students/alumni of world top 200 universities listed on QS, we offer extra bonus upon their completion of the program depending on the length of stay. The scholarship can reach up to 1000 USD.

Here is the link of QS accredited top 200 universities where you could see the university list: Click here

If you would like to know more about the scholarship program, please contact us for more details. 


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Language Assessment partner

  • The iTEP English Conversation exam is designed to give test-takers an opportunity to speak freely about things that they already know. Questions are friendly and cover topics one might expect to encounter in casual conversation. All questions are free-response (as opposed to multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blanks) to allow test-takers to speak as much as they are able to.

  • For the au pairs of WE who signed up for the iTEP conversation test, they can get the test fees reimbursed once they completed the au pair program. To attend the test, click here.



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