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Being an au pair in China

Some Tips for Being an Au Pair in China

Being an au pair in China is an amazing opportunity that will often create memories to last the rest of your life. However, while some get acclimated to this completely new world almost immediately, others may have a hard time getting into the pace of this new life. Below are some tips for being an au pair in China to ensure new au pairs make the most of this incredible experience.


First try to connect with or befriend another English-speaker, so you can have someone to communicate with from the beginning. Next, try to do something new and for yourself every day. Third, follow all the rules of your host family and respect their customs—they are one of the most important parts of this experience. Also, try to plan a trip well in advance, asking your host family and anyone else you may need to clear it with beforehand. Truly seeing China is an important part of this whole experience.

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