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Study Mandarin In Shanghai program 


While China opens up the border and invests huge supports for international students to pursue a study in China, it is a first key step for applicants to learn mandarin for a better competence for these opportunities. For a long-term business and career plan, candidates also need to study mandarin for better preparation with business opportunities with Chinese citizens.

Each week you will see how your Chinese steadily improves as you focus on speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Your progress will be tracked regularly to help you achieve your goals. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate which documents your new language level.


Our mandarin teaching team is awarded by TCSOL as Quality Mandarin School, authorized as an HSK Test Center, an strategic partner with Online Confucius Institute, and also highly recommended by famous platforms such as GoOverseas, GoAbroad, LanguageInternational, LanguageBooking, Study Travel Magazine, etc.

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Why us?


  • Wanderlust Exchange, renowned as a gap-year expert in China, offers a diverse array of program options, ensuring that you have ample opportunities to craft a truly remarkable gap year experience in China. With its extensive network of partner institutions and local communities, WE help participants delve into China's rich heritage, develop valuable skills, and establish lifelong connections with fellow participants and locals alike.

  • Excellent program results: our mandarin teaching team has been implementing in the segment for 16+ years and optimizing the teaching methods to ensure a continuously improved effectiveness of learning for more than 4,000 expats in China. This particular program for a Chinese semester abroad is absolutely an ideal ‘gap year’ experience that will allow you to learn Chinese while fully immersing yourself in China.

  • Personal lingual growth: You could discover your own lingual strength by either intense or flexible classes with us. By participating in cultural activities and immerse yourself with Chinese teachers and environment, you will be able to deepen your cross-cultural understanding and enhance both your language skills and communication skills. This study experience will expose you to more valuable insights, resilience and a global perspective that will extend far beyond your time in China.

  • Decent cultural immersion: WE holds monthly cultural activities for our fellow au pairs, volunteers and mandarin students. It will expose you to the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, traditions, and customs. We will take you to experience the lifestyle of our local community as you forge lasting connections with peers in class, team of WE and more.

  • Authority, reliability and flexibility: Differentiated from most common Chinese centers, WE’s mandarin school is affiliated to official university, combining the benefits of university (such as official course certification, credit supports, student visa, accommodation ) and private language schools (flexible in admission, visa process, class starting dates, program customizability in time, contents, schedule, budgets small group size of averagely 6 v.s. 20-40 in common university group...)

what's included 

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The Chinese Language Semester Abroad Programme starts every other month. You may choose to study for 12, 24, 36 or 48 weeks to achieve your desired level of proficiency.

Program location: Huangpu District, Shanghai, China. Or flexible in some programs. Program length: 3-12 months
Class group size: 6-15 students per group
Program fee: vary for each individual student (please contact us for more information)

Registration fee: 85$ for X2-Visa; 150$ for X1-Visa
Books & Materials: 20-85$ depending on the length of study. To pay upon the first class.
Learning Achievement: HSK2-6

Class packages

We offer several types of class packages for individuals with varied situations and demands of Chinese learners. For intensive classes 1 & 2, you could make the most of your limited time (usually 18 weeks) in Shanghai. You could achieve fluent HSK3-4 and gain integrated Chinese language skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and cross-cultural communication if started as a beginner. Flexible classes are suitable for part-time learners and allow more space for personalized learning. It is merely available for non-beginners with HSK5+.

Intensive class package #1 (4 classes daily, for 5 days a week)

Intensive class package #2 (6 classes daily, for 5 days a week)

Flexible group class package (4 classes daily, for 3 days a week)

Flexible private class package (10-12 classes per week)

what you will gain?

  • Reach a fluent communication level in Mandarin within a short period of time,

  • Find a job in China after the program or at the same time,

  • Experience a special Gap Year Chinese Study Program in Shanghai,

  • Have a personalized Chinese study plan,

  • Receive documents to apply 2-to-12-Month Student Chinese visa,

  • Apply for Chinese university scholarship / programs with your HSK certificate.

Your Next Step

Summarize your situation: current mandarin level, study goal, and passport/visa information;

Email to sherry.guo@wanderlustorg.cn with your situation;

Get a program plan tailored for you;
Confirm and start the application.

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