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3 Surprising Benefits of Being an Au Pair in China

If you have a passion for working with children as well as a desire to see the world, you should consider a career as an au pair in China. Not only will you be given the opportunity to become a part of a new family and help the children grow, but your position as an au pair in Shanghai will offer you the opportunity to get to know and experience the diverse culture.

1 - Become acquainted with the Chinese way of life

The dynamic in the average Chinese family is much different from the way other families across the globe. When you become an au pair in China, you will become a part of the tightly knit family structure that is valued in this culture. The bond you build with your host family will be a constant source of comfort when you are homesick.

You will also be able to use your free time to explore the wondrous cities and picturesque landscapes that China has to offer. The options are truly endless. You can spend your time shopping in the vast shopping complexes or go for a hike and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the countryside.

2 - Let language lead the way

When you work as an au pair in Shanghai, you can use your experience with the English language to your advantage. Complete a basic English Language Studies course and use your skills to help the children you are caring for to develop and refine their skills. Many Chinese families find that this is the most significant benefit of employing a foreign au pair.

However, this benefit does not only apply to the children you are caring for. You will also benefit in some way. When you work as an au pair, you will be exposed to the Mandarin language on a daily basis. This means that it will be easier for you to master the language. Learning an additional language is a great means to find more employment opportunities.

Enjoy the unique employment environment

Being an au pair in this country is very different from being an au pair in any different country. Your day will typically consist of a lengthy educational program with fewer of the conventional au pair duties common in other countries. You may also find that you have more free time to devote to your interests than if you were working in another foreign country.

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