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5 Things that Enrich Aupairs’ Life in China

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Au Pair in China

If say homestay while teaching English is the main course and cultural adventures are spicies that flavour Aupairs’ experience, then there are five ‘desserts’ that could sweeten Aupairs’ life in China through networking with like-minded peers in a foreign country. They are not entertainment enriching Aupairs’ life but also provide the best opportunity to mingle with other Aupairs!


Aupairing in a country which foodies are never disappointed of, cooking by yourself is the best way to discover more yummies and gives additional fun edge to your meals.

Being an au pair in China

From dumplings to mooncakes, is there anything more enjoyable than exploring authentic Chinese culture and traditions through food? Cooking with a group of Aupairs coming from around the world, not to compete who make the best food, it is the time during which we spend with like-minded friends experiencing a new practice and exchanging culture that is valuable.

Volunteer in China

Pottery Making

Pottery is one of the most important part of Chinese art, which has a history dating back to as early as Neolithic Age. Making pottery could be the best way to understand Chinese history and trust me, there is a lot of fun! If you want to have a real fun, never mind getting your hands dirty!

Au Pair agency in China

You may be puzzled facing a huge chunk of clay. But no worries, you will be guided by professional artisan and all you need is creativity and enjoy the process of producing a work of art. From cups, bowls to vases, you name it, you shape it.

Au Pair in China agencies

Treasure Hunt

Want to have a real look of the city you will stay as an aupair and meet up with peers for…probably a dine-out or future gathering during your free time? This activity tells exactly what you want. You may be looking for a particular city landmark, or a restaurant or a certain speciality following an instructions map.

TEFL jobs in China

Sounds challenging? Well…I don’t deny though, there are occasions you need to seek for help from the local and there would be no better opportunity to have a real cultural experience by putting yourself out there and talking to people in society.

Day Trip

Your chance to discover China would never be limited in the city you stay. There are always opportunities for Aupairs to find out more places either by travelling with host family or going to a day trip with a group of Aupairs.

Volunteer in China

Depending on what your traveling plan is and whom you travel with, a day trip can be historical and cultural, like the one we had in Zhujiajiao, or just relaxing such as visiting Panda Base in Chengdu.


Perhaps, KTV is one of the greatest invention in modern century to entertain Chinese. People in China LOVE karaoke so much that even makes it part of Chinese modern culture. That is why it would be something you should have a go during your stay in China. It used to be the favourite option for Chinese youngsters to enrich their nightlife and now, from midday to night, from kids to elders, KTV is a place where people always would like to go to indulge themselves, to reunite with friends or families or perhaps, for no reason but killing time.

Mandarin schools in Shanghai

Of course Aupairing in China is not all about English teaching and looking after children. Aupairs are well deserved to ‘find themselves’ in a brand new world in the way they like and connect with friends to continue this cultural adventure. That’s why we value extra activities for Aupairs as much as the work Aupairs offer to host families and we believe this will be the real way to explore China.

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