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After the pandemic: what are Chinese families looking for?

With the good news of the reopening of borders, there is an incredible increase in the number of host families who plan to find an Au Pair candidate. Why are parents so eager to have an au pair abroad? We interviewed a Shanghai family here.

I want my children to have a broader mind and vision —— a Shanghai mom with her lovable kids.

Q: You have been communicating with us for a while, may I know why you finally chose the au pair program?

A: My youngest son is studying in a public primary school, which makes him only know how to write English well, but he is a bit afraid to speak English. As we all know, due to COVID-19, many candidates could not enter China easily as before. What I expected is to find a native English speaker who helps him to practice speaking English, but the pandemic forced me to pause this plan.

Q: I see, it is unexpected. So the main purpose is to improve your son's spoken English right? May I know what is your original plan?

A: The current purpose is what you said, yes, I hope he can be better at English speaking, but not only this. I was planning to send my children to international schools in Shanghai, and hopefully, they will study aboard in the future. Learning English is just the first step in this plan. To be honest, I am also trying to find a good English teacher in China, but some things are quietly distinct, such as the culture and living environment, I always believe that living in a different country or area will shape a different way of thinking, that is what my kids are lacking right now.

Q: Choosing to bring an au pair to your family is actually a big challenge. Did you have any concerns or expectations when you were considering the program?

A: Hahaha of course! My kids are really young, and the younger one is a little bit shy while speaking in front of people. I am worried if he can be good with the au pair, so I hope the personality of the candidate is outgoing and kind, it would be great if they have children caring experience. Moreover, the older kid is learning Spanish, so I also hope the candidate can speak more than one language. In short, the au pair is expected to be extroverted and patient, but it is just my expectation. The main thing is whether my kids like them and can get along well.

Q: Do you have anything to say to your future au pair?

A: We really welcome you to our family! The biggest feature of our family is hospitality and like to take an au pair to experience different cultures of China. You will have your own cozy and clean room, and our housekeeper is a great cook and you can enjoy dishes from different areas of China! We are looking forward to meeting you and joining us for a great journey together!


WE would like to share more warm memories about au pairs and host families. We hope to welcome the upcoming au pairs in China and give you a warm embrace soon in the near future!

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