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Throwback to Chinese history-Aupair Cultural Trip to Zhujiajiao with Han Costume

A joyful ride on rickshaws kicks off the cultural exploration in Zhujiajiao, a water town about 50km away from the Bund, Shanghai, also known as the ‘Venice of Shanghai’.

Ancient bridges crossing bubbling streams, willow twigs patting river, is there any more fun than rowing a boat bobbling under the bridge while enjoying the pleasure of greens touching face when breeze is coming? So here we are...onto a black-matting boat, holding a wooden paddle, going through bridges from one to the other, which can be dated back to Ming and Qing Dynasties, alongside the river of Caogang, wherever you go, there are full of history and culture.

Having been amazed by the unique landscape culture of Zhujiajiao, au pairs are also attracted by a wide range of local food. Shops selling a wide range of local specialties are another eye-catchers. Not only interior settings retain the aesthetic characters of those ancient architectures but also snacks to be sold are full of local flavor. The smell, the colors and the way they are presented just make our au pairs so keen to try and they have never been disappointed.

A cultural journey in Zhujiajiao cannot be fulfilled without visiting Zhaxidawa Experience Museum of Tibetan Culture and Humanistic Museum, one of famous museums presenting traditional Chinese ethical culture of Zang.

Perhaps, the highlight of this journey would be the ‘show’ with Han costume. On with the gown, sitting alongside river or walking in the stone alleys, the classical wash painting of Chinese architecture and landscape has been colored and decorated with faces global wide. The beauty of ancient culture, therefore, has been refreshed and mingled with exotic elements.

A culture journey is more than a journey. You travel, you explore, you learn. When you are part of a culture, you see it, you experience it so that you can feel it.

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