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TEFL jobs in China

Finding TEFL Jobs in China

If you’re interested in taking on a TEFL job in China—better known as Teaching English as a Foreign Language in China—there are a number of ways to find what jobs are available out there.


First, check online for these types of jobs. Plenty are posted on various job sites, though you should definitely do a certain amount of due diligence with each to ensure you aren’t signing yourself up for something you may immediately regret. Most of these job postings will offer as many details as possible, however certain less than ideal aspects of the job may be left out as well.


Another way to avoid a surprise when you arrive in China the first day on the job is to try to get hired through an agency that also places volunteers and au pairs in China. These companies know how to find good families and good places for their applicants to stay, as many of them are based in China themselves.

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