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Au Pair Exchange: Ways to Live and Work in China

China’s robust economy, growing middle class, unique culture, and high wages attract growing numbers of expats from western countries. While many opportunities offered to people from other countries are English teaching positions, new opportunities like au pair exchange programs are cropping up. This opportunity has garnered glowing au pair in China reviews.

A program that offers an exchange program to become an au pair in Beijing is offering people the chance to live and work in Beijing and to take part in a program which teaches them Mandarin Chinese. These exchange programs last anywhere from three months until an entire year and offer excellent opportunities.

Au pair benefits

Exchange au pairs are given monthly spending money, money towards their airfare, and health insurance. Au pair in China reviews are filled with positive responses to the program's perks. The visa application and renewal fees are reimbursed.

Unlike programs which recruit teachers from western countries, a college degree is not required for this job. Applicants in the au pair in Beijing program only need to prove they have graduated from high school. Other requirements include being a native English speaker, having no criminal record, and being within the 18 to 28 age range.

Au pair duties

Chinese families are anxious for their children to learn English. Teaching children English, spending time with children as a teacher and friend, and engaging in normal family activities are all part of the job description. Au pairs converse with the children in English, help them with their English homework, and even sing songs and play games in English with hem.

Other duties are light. It’s the au pair’s responsibility to wake the children and take and pick them up from school. In some cases, light housekeeping may be part of the arrangement and au pairs engage in activities like making beds, doing laundry, and fixing small meals for the children.

Au pairs are expected to work no more than 30 hours per week and no more than 7 hours per day. They have a day and a half off each week. People who are interested in the au pair program are required to complete an application and take part in a Skype interview.

The actual job requirements for the au pair program are light but the unique cultural experience and other perks of the job are outstanding. This rare opportunity allows applicants to travel to China and live and engage with a Chinese family. The experience of living and working in China as an expat is a rich experience that they’ll never forget.

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